#52Tech | Week 7: Markdown Writing Apps

Over the past two weeks I’ve been trying Markdown out as a writing syntax. Most of the blog posts published over these days have been written in various Markdown supported apps and programs.

In this #52Tech post I will list some of the top Markdown writing apps – mobile, desktop and webapps – if you want to have a go for yourself.

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My **Markdown** Workflows for Scrivener, Blogging and Evernote

Below are some workflows between my typical writing apps, using Markdown as a writing syntax. I can use Markdown to format my notes and texts quickly ready for publishing to my blog, through Scrivener, and even into my huge research and notes database in Evernote.

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Software review: “Editor” by Serenity Software

Interesting software. Reblogged post from Today’s Author

Today's Author

I’m working with a piece of software that might be of interest to those who self-publish. It’s got the catchy name of “Editor”, a product of Serenity Software. (I bought it retail and have no sort of relationship with the company.) I’m using it to go over my novel. So far, I like it. PC World gave it four out of five stars. Since I’ve started using it, it’s pointed out some mushy text that benefited from being changed.

The software scans the text for the following (click the image to enlarge it):

Editor - usage

Notice that this goes well beyond the spelling and grammar check that’s part of MS Word. Fortunately, I haven’t yet had any of my prose flagged for “pretentious term”, but I have gotten flagged for weak constructions such as starting a sentence with “It was…”

Editor scans the prose, numbering each sentence. It then checks…

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2013 Writer’s Year Planner

writers year plannerWriting World has another edition of the free yearly planner for writers. The 2013 Writer’s Planner is available as a free to download PDF or excel spreadsheet. There is a new edition with days broken into half hour sessions, or the classic edition has quarter hour sessions. A print version is available via lulu. There is also a submission tracker in PDF and Excel format, available to download also.

Use it to plan your schedule, organize your tasks, record your achievements, track your goals and progress, and keep track of important deadlines. Each week opens with a place to list your priorities and upcoming deadlines, and ends with an inspirational quote about writing. Each day, there’s space to make note of your achievements, tasks completed, and progress.