April’s Tools

Need help or communal motivation in blogging or writing (or both) this month? There's quite a lot of choice –

  • Blogging from A to Z Challenge – you can't not have noticed this one. And this blog has joined in, with the first in the A-Z theme posted today. Here's the 1000+ blogger sign up list.
  • Camp NaNoWriMo – another month of marathon writing, but CampNaNo lets you set your own word target and project type. Log in here.
  • NaBoBloMo – National Book Blogging Month – Nina Amir is running this event again this month, with tip posts found at How to Blog a Book.

#ROW80 Recheck on Goals

First off, let me admit that I grossly underestimated the time it takes to revise and edit a novel. Some months ago (that long, jeesh?!) I set a goal of revising my draft in a couple of months. I set target dates, started work, continued…and…everything…slooowwwwed…dooowwwwnnnn… Yawn.

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Catchup : #15habits

great-writers-badgeYesterday I joined up with Jeff Goin’s 15 Great Habits of Great Writers challenge. I’m number 1082 on the list, and people are still slowly joining.

This post is my attempt to catch-up with the challenges so far – there are five of them, so apologies in advance for the length of the post.

Please scroll to the bottom two, however, where I ask something of you.

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