Sensory Task for my Ten Year Old – Writing Treasure Hunt (in Evernote).

My daughter doesn't do 'noticing' very well. She's intrigued if I call her to see something like an echidna visiting our garden, or something else visual – that doesn't take her too long out of her busy day. But sounds, smells and sensations are a little mundane for her. She doesn't stop to smell roses on the way to her next after-school activity, birthday party, or sports tournament.

After thinking around this (see my previous post) I created the following challenge for her. This is targeting all the things that she's interested in, but is customisable as we go.

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Reading Log – July 26

HuntingDownWriting ReadingLog10 Day Write Blog Challenge Daily7Another reading log post from me, covering the previous week. Surreptitiously, this post is falling on Day Seven of the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge, which asks us to profile 2 books we’ve read and loved lately. And I never planned it.

The next reading log won’t be for a couple of weeks at least – I am going into hospital for a week or so – lots of reading and not much else, I suspect. Afterwards, look out for a large reading log.

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Your Creative Superpowers

This is a post by Randy Ingermanson – “the Snowflake Guy” first published in the December 2012 edition of his newsletter. I happen to love superheros, and want me some of these superpowers also.

The images used are supplied by me. Check out Randy’s superb ezine newsletter for news and views for writers.

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