#ROW80 Learnings and Demons

Any writing project provides new learnings – on how we write, and on what stops us writing. I haven’t been in such a continuous cycle of self-education and improvements since…oh…my school years probably.

Having come out of NaNoWriMo, and after fighting hard-drive crashes and bush fires (okay, the last not literally) to save my NaNovel, I’ve had some interesting learnings also. But these were tempered with some catchup reading.

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#ROW80 Checkin – Antagonists, Archetypes and Awareness

My ROW80 checkin will be brief today. I’ve been busy preparing for writing the NaNo novel, as goaled, and this includes a couple of online courses, with copious thought-provoking homework. Yeah, I know most of this stuff, but having somebody giving plotting elements different names, and overlooking your answers – that’s a whole kettle of worms mixing their metapohors.

I’m loving it.

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#ROW80 – A brief interlude.

A slightly late update for ROW80 for me today.  My inlaws have been sent off to the Gold Coast for a week. I’m sure it will preserve both their and our sanity – after one day, it seems to have saved us lots of money also. It’s expensive having more mouths to feed, who woulda thought? *Grins* But the interlude has allowed me something other than mere sanity –  my mind is back in writing and creating.

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#ROW80 Round 4 – New Goals

This is a post on the run, kind of like a “Nun on the Run” but not as fun but just as spiritual. Today it’s October 1st, and the first day of Round 4 for the writer’s challenge, Round of Words in 80 Days. Kait Nolan has a nice blog post on being kind to ourselves when setting and possibly not meeting our goals, telling us how to Fail Small.

If you want simply the goals, scroll down to them. If you want to know what I’ve been up to lately, read on.

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#ROW80 Checkin – Learnings and Leanings

My blog is a bit sparse round here nowadays. I’m busy revising Blue Daisies, that’s why.

Yep, still going — I’m working through Draft No. 4, then will want to go through again for some copy-editing, and an oral read through for dead-writing. I’m aiming to get the final draft out to my first beta reader – my husband – by 1st September. He has no experience with beta reading, but I’ll be after an overall – “does this thing really work, or not?” approach from him.

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About Take and back Editing.

In my previous post I had promised a post on my own thinking towards Indie / Traditional or a Hybrid publishing route. I have that post ready to go, but decided to pull it – maybe I’ll get around to updating it and posting in the future. Sometimes putting the thoughts down on paper (screen), organised, is all that is needed.

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#ROW80 Quick Checkin

As planned, I spent last week following up on social network commitments, and also spending time taking writing courses online. I did manage to put in a few hours in self-edit mode on my WIP also, which made me feel slightly better.

This week I have some other commitments, and unfinished business, so I’ll aim for double the effort on editing, and some more hours on the other tasks.

Recently it’s been frightfully cold here, but when the sun is out, it’s blissful. To save running heaters to keep me warm, it’s easier to take a large break in the middle of the day and go out to sit and read in the sun. My neighbours probably think I’m barmy because I sit out with a camp chair just inside the garage doors – our back yard doesn’t yet get full sun in the winter. I can’t moan too much about the temperatures, however – we appear to be sharing the same cold spurt with London, so my sympathy goes to the Olympians from warmer climes.

One fortunate thing about the weather and my sunshine seeking reading habit is that I’m catching up on my to-read pile.

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