#atozchallenge Z is for Zee Endz

ZeeEndWell, I’m not making up a Z post for the sake of it. It’s been a long and windy journey, and if you’ve arrived at Z via the #AtoZChallenge, I congratulate you on your perseverance. It’s been a tough journey for all the bloggers, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing out these posts, and doing the rounds of reading others.

This post will simply work as an appendum, containing a list of all the references, links, and books I’ve used in this A-Z post series on Writer’s Core Habits. But first – a video…

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#atozchallenge M is for Myths of Millions (or Writing Practice)

The One Million Words and the 10,000 Hours theories:  both are commonly espoused writing apprenticeship practices that continue to do the rounds of blogs and forums every few months.

Reaching these “apprenticeship” goals will not make us a bestseller, and not reaching them will not necessarily stop us from finding a publisher, or selling our work either. But there are core writing habits found in both, that we, as writers, can work with.

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Exercises for Controlling or Calling Critics (And Muses)

In Part 1 of this post you will find the introduction to why we, as writers, should learn to control and use our inner critics (and muses), as part of our core habits.

Part 2 is an index post, designed as a collection of exercises I and other writers have found useful in controlling and calling on our inner critics or muses as we need them.  As a collection, the post may well be updated in the future, so keep it bookmarked.

Please simply browse through, and mix and match from the exercises included in the little PDF ebook I provide here as a free download.

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#atozchallenge C is for Controlling Critics (And Muses)–Part I

All of us have an inner critic (or two); but unfortunately, when you have a job that entails sitting down alone for long periods of time and writing, the voice of that critic likes to fill the silence, and does it very well.

With some writers prone to depression or mood disorders and the tales of past famous authors in using alcohol to get through the day, there’s little surprise in my suggestion that tackling and controlling our inner critics is a core habit all writers should work on.

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#atozchallenge B is for BPS–Best Possible Self

Successful writers have a successful mindset, and two of the core habits necessary to maintain a writing mindset for life (not just for Christmas) are goal setting and visualization.

There are many different ways that I goal set and visualize myself as a writer, some discussed in this WCH (Writer’s Core Habits) series of posts. Today I’m talking about BPS – best possible self.

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#atozchallenge A is for Affirmations

Maintaining a level of positive thoughts and belief in myself and my work is always a struggle. This self-belief can go missing easily: stripped out by everyday things, and the voices of my demon inner critics.

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